Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 68: Sailing

The deck at the rear and the south side is now finished and boy, is it big!  Bob has used a cyprus pine and it is a really lovely colour.  While Bob says that he normally leaves his decking unsealed and lets it go grey naturally, I'm thinking that it might look good with sealer or oil.  This will mean a fair bit of maintenance over time, but the colour of the wood is so lovely that I'd like to preserve it.  Something else to discuss.  I'm thinking that I should be able to pick lemons from the deck using an extentable claw thing - the whole intention of the cut away corner of the deck was to ensure that the lemon tree was not harmed but it is very close, as you can see.

This morning we met with the Sailmaker to discuss options for the western side of the deck, because it is very exposed and needs something over it.  Bob's vision was always that the west side be protected with sails and it was his suggestion that we contact a maker so that they can work together as far as possible in terms of structures required for support.  The Sailmaker thought that was a great idea and is going away to put together a design and pricing.  Bob and the Sailmaker have spoken and it sounds like they both have the same vision.  Which is good as you disagree with Bob and your peril! We will likely have two sails, which I want in different colours, and a vertical drop which will deal with the late afternoon sun on really hot days.

The Landlady has just arrived home and she has bought a smaller house closer to the city, which was always on the cards.  So we are going to have to move out by September at the latest and need to start working on this now.  A pity, but it was always a risk.  So we really hope that Bob can finish by 30 October rather than the contract date of 31 December so that we can get bak in ASAP!

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