Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 45: My creative space

As I don't currently have a creative space of my own, I'm going to cheat and show you what I made at the Stitches and Craft Show today. I had the day off to attend - it felt like wagging school, but I wanted to have a day off to do nothing in particular. So after a lovely sleep in, I went down to have a chat to Bob the Builder and Pete the Plumber. They were disappointed that I wasn't bringing them morning tea (note to self, must keep the tradies happy) but we had a chat about what they were up to, which was putting up the flashing for the deck, then Robert will be working on the floor for the upper level.

Then off to Caufield Racecourse for the Stiches and Craft Show. A bit of a trek from our place but an enjoyable day out. I sat in a session discussing trends in colour and styles in interior design, which is obviously of interest. Apparently turquoise is the colour of the year - fine by me as I love turquoise and will probably use it in the bathrooms whether it's colour of the year or not. Then off to a DIY framing session, a craft bar to make a lovely broach from Liberty fabric (in turquoise, see above) and then to a screen printing session run by Lara from Harvest Textiles for the team at Ink and Spindle . That was great fun but a little confronting to just come up with a design quickly to print on to a tea towel in a relatively short period of time. However after seeing the teal and aqua inks, a seaside scene quickly came to mind. The marine life may not be anatomically correct but I think that you can work out what they are! The efforts of the afternoon are above. I enjoy a number of crafts but I really enjoy the relatively instant gratification of fabric printing, so I'm keen to do the two day Ink and Spindle screen printing course later in the year. More real creative spaces can be found over here - Kootoyoo.

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