Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 57: Five Faves

I've just been down to the house and seen that some of the roof framing is up but it's too dark to take pictures. So for something different, I thought I'd play along with Five Faves hosted by Meet Me at Mikes.

1/. House. I am loving the pace that my house is coming along at. And while I don't think building is for the faint of heart, the experience so far has been quite good (knock on wood). We are breaking the unwritten rule that you should not enter into a business transaction with a friend, but we love it that Bob the Builder is passionate about our house and are also appreciating the fact that he deals with tradies who are reliable, helpful and accessible.

2/. Ashes to Ashes. I started watching Series 2 of A2A one year ago when I wrecked my knee and consequently was not out playing squash on Monday nights when it was screening. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn't do any exercise at the time, but I became obsessed with it. I managed to get my hands on Life on Mars, which I finished earlier in the year, have worked through A2A series 1, and am now revisiting series 2. The hair, the clothes, the attitudes; you gotta love the 80's. But for my money, LOM was better - you cannot beat an episode starting with coppers hooning around in a Cortina, with Ballroom Blitz as the intro music. I can't wait for Series 3 of A2A to screen here - no signs of it coming up on the ABC website and you can't watch any of the episodes on the BBC from Australia. So I may just have to buy the DVD which is due out in the UK in July.

3/. Melbourne weather. As you might have gathered, I don't like the cold. But there is something about coming home from the Day Job on a chilly night to put on trakkie dacs, slippers, turning the heater on and watching another episode of Ashes to Ashes. This novelty will wear off very soon.

4/. Cooking. Stos does most of the cooking as he gets home earlier than I do and is more organised. Ever since we have been married and I started my long period of part time study, that's the way it has been. But I do like to cook and the last two Sundays have made very tasty dishes - this Lamb rice pilaf with walnuts and yoghurt was delicious. Note to self - must do this more often.

5/. Dalmatian substitutes. We miss K & P a lot. But while we are building, the best place for them to be is with their extended family at the breeders. Hoever we have a couple of pooches to love here at the Landlady's place - meet R & K.

I love corgis because my family had them when I was growing up. These days, they are not the snappy things they were (ours loved the family, but disliked all other visitors). R & K are real cuties who are always up for a snuggle. This makes our life bearable until we can get our girls back again.

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