Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 52: Four walls

In our part of the world it is getting colder and darker. It's not winter yet, but I am totally over being cold and can't wait for summer. Even though the day job is less hectic than during half year, the work days are still long and I don't get home in daylight, so documenting progress on the house is a bit tricky. Last night I wandered down and was able to see the frame for the upper level partially completed, but photos were out of the question. Stos had a couple of jobs to do on the way home, so left a bit earlier and managed to get a few pictures in, as shown above. The upper level frame looks to be finished; Bob has built the space for the kitchen window to the larger size and I still think it is too big. A walk in pantry, the fridge and the 900m upright oven/stove have to fit on the south side of the kitchen and the window takes up too much space for no real benefit. We will have a closer look on the weekend, but it's clear to me that we should stick with the original design. Bob has suggested getting the kitchen guy in soon so that we can hear his suggestions for lay out, so that we can start thinking about design and style and not be under pressure when the time comes to install the kitchen. This is an important part of the house for us - we really use our kitchen and need space for two people to work comfortably - so this is a big deal. I have some ideas about what I would like - drawers rather than cupboards, a watery green glass splash back and probably white cabinetry. Stainless steel benchtops appeal, otherwise the formed stone always looks good. As there will be a timber floor and feature pole in this room, using wood for the kitchen seems OTT. But there are a lot of magazines to flick through and I'm hoping that a design will leap off the pages as my inspiration. Perhaps there is a benefit to these cold days - when curling up on the couch with a stack of interior design magazines seems like an attractive option to leaving the house.

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