Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day: Floored

Finally the day job is going back to be confined to the day, so I have been able to get down to the site and see it in daylight. Progress last week was the laying of the sub-floor and the requisite insulation. Not quite as exciting as seeing the frame on the lower level go up, but progress none the less. We spoke to Bob last night and he needs to make a trip to the country to pick up his scaffolding, so won't be back on the job until Wednesday.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon driving around looking at Colourbond. A relatively new estate nearby has a number of houses with Colourbond roofs so we took a drive through there on the way to another estate that was listed in the Colourbond site as having some of the colours we were interested in. As many of the houses are close to the street, we were able to check our samples to garage doors to confirm the colours. We felt like silly school kids, but it is not easy to connect a large area of colour to a 5 x 2cm sample at a distance. And after all this, we are none the wiser. Of the four shades of grey we are looking at, one is too green, another too blue, one is too dark and the one that I was convinced was right looks too pale. I think we are going to need some expert help on this one, given that we also want to have a red front door and the window finishes will be natural timber, with the timber poles at the rear holding up the deck and the feature pole forming part of the front porch.

After all of this running around (which included trips to bathroom display centres as well), we headed down to Mornington to see Ro Baby. Bob's sister, who is a close friend, was showing her dog nearby and staying the night, so Ro invited us to dinner and invited some other people, including another friend from the olden days. Ro put on a superb seafood feast, much to the dismay of Stos, who ended up having sausages and rice. This was a spread that would have put Rick Stein to shame; crab, crayfish, fish curry, prawns, oysters and smoked salmon from a small producer. A long drive, but well worth it for the great food and the chance to catch up with old friends who should get together more often and to meet some lovely new ones. I think the next catch up will be at the new place in the New Year, but I've got my work cut out to equal Ro's hospitality.

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