Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 75 Part One: My creative space

I am posting this yet to be commenced project because I'm hoping if I put this on file, I will finish it.  As the Queen of Unfinished Projects (i.e. jumper for husband started in 1987 and final sleeve still half finished), I need something to make me commit to starting AND finishing something.  So I have shown the materials obtained to make Kirsty's Granny Shrug, which everyone in blog land seems to creating.   Morris and Son are having a sale so I bought some bargain Cleckheatons Machine Wash 8ply crepe in a lovely aqua, plus the required monster crochet hook.  I'll use two strands of this yarn and see how it goes.  So the challenge is now to have some progress to post for next week's creative space.  For more creative spaces  that are more likely to be works in progress or finished, jump over here.


  1. Yeah another granny shrug on the hook. It's a bit addictive. No.3 is nearly finished here.

  2. Sorry, think I might beat you as the Queen of unfinished projects - I have about 6 or more knitting items unfinished - some from 20 yrs ago! Plus there's the unfinished cross-stitch projects - about 3 or 4 of those floating around as well. Perhaps we should have a night a fortnight where we get together with our unfinished projects and inspire and encourage each other to finish them. I have also been thinking about starting up a "Bitch & Stitch Club" since moving back to Melb - a group of girlfriends coming around with their creative projects to have a chat (some bitching but mostly fun conversation), glass of wine & get stitching - loads of fun - interested?

  3. ooooh i'm looking forward to see how that wool comes together, i bought a tonne of it at an opshop the other day, it's more of a salmon colour though... maybe it could too become a granny shrug.
    definitely keep me posted!