Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 41- Working for the weekend

The day job is finally under control and it has been wonderful to have two days off. But so busy! Yesterday was normal gym and shopping morning then picked up some furniture purchases for the new house (gorgeous Florence Broadhurst ottomans) then off to another sale to try and get an overdue birthday gift (no luck). Following that, we dropped into a bathroom place that closes at 12pm on Saturdays - normally we only remember this when sailing past in the afternoon, on to another big bathroom chain which is having a sale, then up north to try and track down a sample of the Colourbond shade that we think we might select. On the way, we went through a relatively new suburb and cheekily nicked down (short) driveways to match our Colourbond samples to garage doors. We have managed to track our semi chosen colour to the newish CFA building in a suburb to the north but I'm still none the wiser on if this is the right choice or not. Of all the 4 shades of grey that we are considering, we have knocked out one as too green, another as too blue; now I think the colour we have (almost) agreed on is too light, but the last is probably too dark!

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