Thursday, January 29, 2015

Branching out

Dusting off the poor old blog again - it's just that Facebook and Instagram are so much quicker and easier!  Anyway, I am going to try and do one blog post a week and see how I go.

As always, I have greater ambitions than I have time to sew (or cook or read). But I've done fairly well recently in making a doona cover and pillowcase for my space fixated three year old nephew.  The space fabric is a gorgeous print from Prints Charming that I originally bought around 2 years ago.  As it wasn't wide enough, I had to frame it with something else; in this case a solid from Spotlight.  Sounds  easy but there was a bit of fiddling around to get the fabric to the right size (which didn't result in an even 'frame' anyway because of the double hem at the bottom) and the sheer logistics of cutting and pinning such large pieces of material.  Anyway, with the help of a neighbour's trestle table and a few applications of the seam ripper, the job was done:
My nephew and sister were very happy.  I was then asked if I could make a pillowcase to match.  As I only had a small amount of the space fabric left, I was going to make a green one.  After all, I wouldn't be able to get more of the print after two years.......  Then in Spotlight last weekend, I saw a bolt in the clearance section and before you could say Jupiter, I grabbed it and ran to the counter.  So the budding astrophysicist can now dream of outer space to his heart's content!