Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 63: All hands on deck

Bob the Builder was busy last  week and had some friends in with some serious equipment.  On Wednesday a man with a small crane came in to place the posts that support the deck at the rear and south side of the house.  Most of them are also reclaimed telegraph poles, like the one supporting the roof in the rear section of the building.  The timber for the deck also arrived so Bob has put in the beams to support the deck.  Not sure when this will be finished but I am already planning to drink G&Ts out there next summer.  And it is so big!  The west side is 3 metres wide and while it has been built according to the plans, I had no real concept of the size.  I find it difficult to visualise things until they are right in front of my nose -  I think it's a girl thing.  Our job for this week is to contact the guy who will make the sails for the back deck to find out what fittings are needed to attach them to the house.  This is not something we have thought about to date so will just contact the guy who made the sails for Mum & Dad's carport.  The other thing that we need to get is the shower channel/grate for the ensuite so that Pete can plumb this in. 
On Saturday night S & S came over for dinner. I had invited them over as we hadn't caught up for S's birthday on 7 April due to the Day Job being 7 days during April, the wedding. the 50th etc, but had forgotten that I was going to the inaugural meeting of the Melbourne chapter to the Modern Quilt Guild, which was an all day affair.  However Stos came to the rescue and offered to cook dinner which ended up being of roast lamb and stewed quince and apple topped with Mum's sponge pudding recipe (which I made).  I gave S what I thought was a really cool pair of teatowels from Illustrated Living in the UK.  I saw the blue teatowel  in a copy of Frankie magazine and had to find out how to get it. 

(pictures from Ilustrated Living)
I looked on the website and saw that they came as a double pack with the Keep Calm and Carry on teatowel but it didn't look like they normally ship to Australia.  But when I e-mailed, they told me that there had been so many enquiries from Oz that they organised a special rate to ship here.  I ended up ordering 5 - one each for me and S, one for the Landlady and 2 for F at the Day Job.  They arrived in less than a week, which was impressive.  S loved her gift, they both enjoyed their dinner and we happily showed off pics of the house.  A great way to spend a cold autumn night.

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