Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 12 - she's like a rainbow

I like the Rolling Stones (who doesn't); "Gimme Shelter" is one of my favourite tunes and makes my running songs playlist. Not so with "She's like a rainbow". Too token hippy, trippy for my liking. But when S dropped off the pashminas that he had bought for me in Singapore, that line was the first thing that came into my head; the beautiful vibrant colours of the shawls that he had chosen for me really jumped out of the bag. Now when it the chill at the day job becomes too much, I'll be able to pull out one of these babies and keep toasty and with this range, I'll be able to accessorise with whatever I have on. It's great to have friends who will shop for you and can be absolutely trusted to pick out the right thing. The only stipulation is that there was to be no orange as it's not my colour, otherwise I left the choices in his capable hands. S has dark hair and an olivy complexion, so is drawn to bright colours, particularly purple and orange. Very different to me.

Good Friday was spent with some work colleagues of Stos's. K and T put on a wonderful barbeque (including fish and prawns for us hypocrites). They are entertaining and generous hosts. Food was delicious and the company was enjoyable; a very pleasant way to spend a day that can be a bit dreary.

Bob the Builder was in contact on Thursday - the building permit is finally ready for collection and he will be starting next week. At last, some progress!

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