Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 26 : Two levels

The entries are a bit thin at the moment as it is the time of the year when the day job turns into the night job and the weekend job as well. However, we now have a second slab for the lower level, stumps for the upper level and a few holes for the poles that are going to hold the lower level up. This was completed by Day 23 and Bob is having a hiatus until Monday while the concrete cures. It's also starting to get to the point of making some decisions - standard or specific plumbing requirements for the lower level and the type of heating that we want, as this needs to be incorporated into the sub floor. We have just gone for standard fittings on the lower level - while we haven't decided exactly on what sort of loos we want, it's not our highest priority. However the heating is a biggie; Bob is keen for us to go with hydronic heating as he thinks it's best in the long run. It is more expensive but is cheaper to run in the long term and has been recommended by two people who have recently installed new heating. Stos has taken the plans to Bobs heating supplier, and we await a final quote. We had ducted hydronic heating in our last house and really liked it. The form we are looking at is the wall radiator variety. I'm not sure that I want heating units taking up wall space, but it is installed in modules to suit each room and I'm told you don't notice it after a while. We shall see!

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