Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 17: My creative space

I often look at the contributors to Kootoyoo's "My creative space" weekly meme. It's fun to see what clever people are getting up to. Now that I have a blog to provide a link to, I thought I'd play this week but I'll take a different approach and show my creative space as the empty block. I think of it as our creative space because while the design is done, there's a lot of creating to be done over the next 8 months in putting together a home as opposed to building a house. We have some ideas as to what we want the exterior to look like but the interior will come together along the way as we get to see the spaces being created. Some of the ideas that we have may change completely as the project evolves, and that's OK. I suspect there will be lots of interesting discussions with Bob the Builder on this as he has also has some ideas on what the place will look like, given that he designed the house specifically for our block and based on our input, which is quite different to his normal style. At least he's as passionate about it as we are!

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