Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 31: Part 1 - My creative space

This is a bit of a cheats creative space. There's not much creating going on with the current state of the day job but this is a WIP from the Japanese Kaleidescope Patchwork course that I did at Kimono House in March. It was our first free weekend after weeks of packing and moving and I was really looking forward to a day of learning something new. As you can see, I have finished two squares and am working on a third. I have no idea what I will make from these, but am enjoying the stitching when I can squeeze a bit in. The sashiko stitching is so simple and effective but does require some concentration to get the right lengths for the stitches and the spacing. I really loved the description of the stitches as floating grains of rice. The class was relaxing and the other participants were lovely. Picking out the fabric was also a revelation. I have never really understood how people get started on a combination of fabrics to go into a patchwork project. I was walking aimlessly around G J Discount Fabrics when I saw the green and yellow fabric and knew that this was the cornerstone of the project. From there I was on to the green homespun as the contrast and then I spotted the leaf fabric. Coming up with a third was harder; I liked the other piece I picked, but in the back of my mind thought that it wouldn't work with the others, and almost relieved when Jan said the same thing. I have found another piece but haven't worked it into a square as yet. Looking forward to the day job easing off in the next week so I can get back into this.

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  1. I have long admired Sashiko stitching. Yours looks neato.
    I reckon you could just make some kind of display out of them when you're done. They look very classy.