Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 8

We have been waiting for the demolition machinery to be moved so that the slabs for the garage and lower level can be laid. The machines have now gone but now it does not look like any work will be done before Easter. Even if the block was clear yesterday, the heavy rain would probably have stopped progress in any case. So the only other development to report is the erection of the temporary power pole. Better than nothing! On other important matters, we visited K & P at the breeders on Sunday: they did not seem too interested in us when they were first let out, but before long K was very excited and launched herself at Stos. After a few weeks living with corgis, you forget the impact of a 20 odd kilogram Dalmatian jumping on you. K has lost some weight, which she needed following the feeding up she got as an expectant (but disappointed) mother. We don't like being separated from them, but we can't keep them at the temporary lodgings and they are safe and loved at their original home. The other bonus from the visit was the opportunity to play with 13 puppies. We knew that there was a litter of pups in residence and A invited us to down to have a look while she was feeding them. When the door opened, we were greeted by a tangle of black and brown spots who were so excited at being allowed out to play. Some tried to do a runner while others cheekily poked their noses through the fence to their mum and other relatives. They were of all shapes and sizes, but all of them gorgeous and it was so tempting to pop one in a pocket to take home. All but one handsome black and white boy were going to new homes yesterday and the new owners are soooooo lucky. The pictures above don't do justice to these adorable creatures. Thanks A, for letting us visit and also to J and S for looking after our precious girls.

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