Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 16: "It has begun."

I love that quote from the pilot of Battlestar Galactica's re-make when the hot blonde Cylon announces the recommencement of hostilities. But I'm using it in a good way - there's movement at the station or, rather, on the block! It actually started yesterday but I got home from the day job (way) too late to see the progress. However Stos reports that the ground was levelled and cleaned up and today trenches have been dug and some framing put around the location of the slabs. Bob the Builder had called to give me a status update and also to tell me that a level had disappeared from his truck. I do hope that this was not a local issue - someone in the street reported a similar incident attributable to a local, which is very disappointing.
Anyway, the front pile of dirt is where the garage will be and the pile towards the back is the lower level. I hope this means that the concrete will be poured this week, which will be very visible progress. Note the very healthy lemon tree at the back of the block on the left.

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