Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 28: Floored

A lot of progress today. Bob has laid the sub-floor and we are starting to see the floor plan take shape. And there are decisions to be made. He called last night to say "You know how I said you wouldn't have to pick the exterior colours for a while..........". Well he has been working out how to link the deck to the house, has figured it out (it's different to other decks he has built) and needs to order some flashing, which needs to match the colour of the house. While we have an idea what we would like (most likely grey), we weren't prepared for this and certainly weren't prepared to have to make a decision by Tuesday (tomorrow). There is a bit of flexibility, but in a way it is good to come to a conclusion. So last night was spent playing with the colour visualiser on the Bluescope steel site, and Bob has dropped off his samples so we can get a better idea of the colours. I might add that Bob has also told us that he likes to use blue and have timber finishes. We don't want a blue house, are OK with timber windows and I want a red front door. Whose house is this? Lot's of interesting discussions to be had. He does approve of our choice of roof colour, so that's something.

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