Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 20: The best kind of slab

Well, despite the threat of rain, a few spots of rain, then some real rain, the slab for the garage went down yesterday. I have never been so excited about concrete before. But the biggest development is the installation of the builders loo. This means things are getting very serious. The picture on the left is from the back of the block and the dug out square section at the front is where the slab for the lower level will be laid. The shot on the right shows the fresh concrete for the garage floor. Other activity this week included spraying for termites, as required by the building regulations and a couple of routine visits from the building inspector. The next lot of concrete is going in on Wednesday, with various other plumbing related goings on in the interim. Then Bob the Builder can get on with putting in stumps and starting to lay the sub-flooring. Pete the Plumber will also start putting in plumbing for the lower level, so we need to have a chat to him about any specific requirments.
The weather is really starting to turn; cold, blustery and rainy today. I've spent most of the weekend at the day job, because it's that time of year when Saturday and Sunday are just working days in casual clothes. But we have managed to get out; last night was dinner with the Family and R's prospective in-laws at the venue for her wedding reception. Tonight we've just got back from seeing Date Night with The Landlady. This is not a film that Stos normally go and see but pickings are a bit slim at the moment and he did get a laugh out of it. I expected more quirkly humour from Tina Fey, but it did have some very funny moments and the cast is quite impressive. Recommended for a bit of silly escapism, but give me 30 Rock anyday.

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