Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 84: Up on a roof

The house update as of Day 82;  a couple of days late.  On Friday Bob the Builder was being assisted by Pete the Plumber in putting on the roof.  Sadly, the day was wet and windy which is definitely not good for roofing, so they had to pack it in around 2.30pm.  But some progress was made and Bob assures me that they will be back bright and early Tuesday (after a long weekend in this part of the world) to keep going.  Other achievements this week have been been the delivery and preparation of the poles for the fence, the placement of the pole that will feature on the front porch and the framing of the floor for the front entry.  The fence poles (above left) are a bit bigger than we imagined, but we are putting our trust in Bob on this one.  The Kitchen Man has been around to have a look at the layout so we are now expecting to hear from him shortly so that we can discuss how to work around the bigger than expected south window.  The focus is going to be more on layout rather than materials, but we do need to get our minds around the latter.  Bob is keen on timber but we are definitely not having this.  Part of our week has been looking at display houses and we have seen plenty of kitchens that we don't like, but aren't a lot wiser in finding something we love.  Never mind, that's what the pile of interior design magazines is for.

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