Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 75 Part Two: Under the Boardwalk

We popped down to visit Bob the Builder this morning to check on progress and provide him with sustenance in the form of orange biscuits.  This week he has been planning for the stairs from the deck on south east side down to the backyard and up to the higher deck on the south west/west plus building the south east deck itself.   Some further construction has also been completed on the roof frame in anticipation of the roof going up next week.  We had a chat about the look of the fence and also contacted the Kitchen Man to organise an appointment to discuss lay out and materials for the kitchen.   As Bob is keen to retain the bigger than planned window on the south side, we need to rethink the layout per the plan, but really need expert advice here.   The appliance side is sorted, we know that we want the soft touch drawers, but must  think about the sort of cabinetry and bench tops that we want.  We'll have to get stuck into the pile of Home Beautifuls and Belle to find some combinations that we love - the kitchen is a very important part of our home and needs to be both functional and attractive.  We also hope to move forward in deciding on the colour of the exterior walls over the weekend as we are catching up to discuss this with the lovely P, who is an expert in these things.  We really want to be sure of the combinations as we have to live with the Colourbond walls forever.  It will be good to finalise that and move on to other things.

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