Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 101: Reminiscing

The last few days have been freezing!  Yesterday was the coldest day in Melbourne for two years and Sydney had its coldest day in 69 years today.  We often go on holidays at this time of the year and last year we were in the USA, then when we got back, I had the knee reconstruction, so by virture of being overseas for four weeks and having to stay indoors for another two, I missed a fair bit of winter 2009.  But this year we are getting the full blast and it's not even July yet!  It wouldn't be so bad if I look at it from a promising ski season perspective but this isn't on the agenda for this year.

On the house front, the frame for the front of the house and garage has been erected, the steel people have been working on the hand rails for the decking and the large roof trusses will be installed on Friday.  On Monday, Bob will be working on the smaller roof trusses then taking some time off for the school holidays.  I went down to have a look last night and noticed that the door on the side of the garage is missing.  We've had a chat to Bob about this today - he's never been in favour of the door and wants us to think about the wall space that we will lose and the additional cost involved.  We'll reconvene to discuss but the whole purpose of the door was to avoid going through the side gates to the door at the front of the garage to get gardening and other tools. 

As we don't get home in time to take photos during the week at presesnt, I thought I'd do a flashback to the old house and highlight some of its more unique features.

These are shots from our old bathroom.  The combination was quite amazing - the beige tiles, the amber glass in the shower, the sun towel rail fixtures and the gold dolphin taps.  Yep, these taps were the talking point of the entire house.  S loved them and every time she came down from Sydney to visit, the first thing she would do was check that I hadn't got rid of them.  When we announced that we were demolishing the house, the first thing we were asked ,without fail, was what we were going to do with the taps.  After a good deal of persuasion, Stos saved one one tap (above) so that I can use it as an outdoor tap when we move back. He hopes that I am joking. That aside, beige and gold is a colour combination that will definitely not be seen in our house again and I am totally over amber glass because, in addition to the beauties in the bathroom, we had a couple of other examples in the kitchen, lounge room and at the front door.  Here's the kitchen doors in all their glory, with a bonus view of more beige tiles:

The new place will so not look like this!

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