Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 98: The Wall(s)

A bit of a long time between posts, but it's a bit hard to update with images at this timeof the year when it gets dark so early.  The other reason for procrastinating is that I don't have much to show on my granny shrug update - I have only done another two rows since the last update, so feel a bit guilty. 

Anyway, there has been quite a lot of progress since Day 88.  The deck/boardwalk wrapping around back, side and the front of the house is finished and Bob has put up most of the frame for the street level of the house; the side wall for the lounge room and study and the walls for our bedroom, walk-in 'robe, ensuite and loo.  Stos has been helping with the frames while he has been on leave but is now back to his day job.  There have also been some discussions with more of the supporting cast:  the man making the roof trusses for the front of the house, Paul the steel man who will produce the railings for the deck, gates,fences and the brackets for the sails and the Sail Maker also dropped by.  Stos also met Sparkie Dave who will be handling all things electrical at the appropriate times, but in the meantime we need to think about what we want in terms of controls, switches and wiring.  Bob has been having a chat to them about our job and it was good that Stos was there to put in our viewpoint.  Hopefully the frame will be finished by the end of this week, but the weather forecast is pretty dire, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that Bob will have a productive week before taking some time off for the school holidays to spend time with his boys.

The shot on the left is looking into what will be the lounge room.  The windows are much bigger than I imagined, but they are built as per the plan (Bob hasn't been making more enlargements without telling us!).  We will definitely have to put something up on/in front of the fence to make the view a bit more interesting - something like a green wall perhaps.  I have seen a large plastic sheet with pockets for planting greenery that can be used on walls, so will look into this further. 

The last week has been a biggie for catching up with family and friends.  Last Saturday we caught up with a posse of Stos's cousins, their partners and his aunt.  On Sunday we cooked dinner for my sisters, partners and my parents and gave R & C their wedding presents (better late than never).  Yesterday we went to see Animal Kingdom while open house was being run at the Landlady's place and when we came out, had an invite to meet D & P and their daughter J for dinner.  That was a lovely surprise so we ditched our plans to stay in and cook for the much better option of joining them at our favourite Indian restaurant.  Today was a planned lunch with R, K and N who we haven't seen since the beginning of 2010.  It's times like these that reminds me of the importance of keeping up with the people who are close to you; Stos has a lot of cousins but these are the ones that he saw most of growing up, and he lived with B for a number of years.  I also lived with him as well for the first 6 months after we got married..  Stos saw all of them this year for the first time in ages and this was at family funerals.  Which is very wrong.  So more efforts need to be made to ensure that we all stay in touch with not only the cousins, but other people that we love, whom we tend to forget from time to time.

While I am on the soapbox, go and see Animal Kingdom.  We need to support great Australian films and this is a cracker.

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