Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 253: I see red

It's got to the stage now where all the things previously existed only im my imagination are coming to life.  The combinations that looked good in a magazine or a sample book - will they work or are there going to be some expensive disasters?  When Stos told me that the laundry cabinetry had been installed late last week, I was  a bit surprised that Bob hadn't mentioned it.  Only that day he had asked me to make sure that the laundry and kitchen sinks would be available this week; no mention of laundry cupboards.  So the first thing that came to mind was the red bench that I had picked out - how would it look installed? Fortunately, it looks great and contrasts beautifully with the white cupboards and grey floor.  I am so happy that I didn't go with my first choice - teal benchtops and aqua cupboards.  That would have taken my love of turquoise a bit too far.  We are also happy with the floor tiles - the lighter shade was definitely the right choice.  The next surprise was on Monday night when we dropped by expecting to see grouted tiles, the kitchen floor sanded and the limewash on the kitchen ceiling finished.  Big fat zero on those fronts, but the sails over the deck were up.  The red and blue sheets span the deck and will keep the western sun out - it gets very, very hot out there, even at temperatures in the mid twenties.  We are thrilled with the way they look and have rung the Sailmaker to tell him so.

I happened to be chatting to Bob today and mentioned that I was very happy with the laundry fit out and the sails. The response was that colour is very much personal taste - Bob speak for telling me that he hates the choices.  And this is coming from a bloke who thinks beige watertanks go with a grey house.  No wonder he doesn't get any arguments when he says that picking colours is not his "thing"!

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