Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 225: Hanging on the Telephone

I've mentioned the amount of work invovled in building a house, even when you builder is managing the project for you.  Once we got past the basic stages of frame and roof, I've found that the number of phone calls relating to the project increase.  I jotted down the calls from the week before last; that week was relatively quiet but here's what the pattern was:

-Call from Stos to tell me that plumbing supply place had called to ask for payment for items that Pete had ordered.
- Me to plumbing supply place to make payment.
- Me to Pete to tell him items had been paid for.
- Me to interior designer friend of friend to find out closest match for Dulux Natural While in the powder coating range.
- Intererior designer friend of friend to me to confirm colour match
- Me to Bob to advise powder coating colour for hydronic heating panels.
- Bob back to me on something else and to ask for some money to pay bills.
- Kitchen guy to me to tell me that he's back from holidays and wanting to take measurements at the house to start of kitchen and laundry cabinets.
- Pete to me to let me know that he has taken home plumbing supplies not yet installed .

Often I get a call from Bob at 7.45am, which works out well as I am normally walking out of the gym and into the Day Job premises.  I certainly can't say that I'm not kept up to date.

On the update front, these photos are from last week.  Plumbing is roughed in, plaster is progressing, Bob has been working on the lining for the ceiling in the kitchen and after all this rain, the connected water tank is full.  It's consolation for the awful weather.

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