Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 259: The green, green grass of home

Well, there's no grass; it was all chewed up during the demolition.  But I have beautiful green feature tiles in the ensuite: 
They look a lot better tonight as all the white tiles are now up, but by the time we got there it was too dark to take an updated photo.  And I know that the New York correspondent eagerly awaits his Monday morning update.  The blue waterproof membrane isn't the best background but they still look great.  So much has happened in the last week; the kitchen cabinetry had gone in, the study desk and shelves have been installed, the floor tiles are all laid and grouted, the downlights are in under the eaves and in the kitchen/living area.  The kitchen is a bit hard to photograph because it is big and the light isn't good because of the room size, but here's a look at the study:

I am looking forward to going back to working one day a week from home again with such a beautiful area to use.  Now I just need to commit to keeping it tidy.  The kitchen guy has given us lots of shelf space and built in a filing cabinet (shown) and a regular set of drawers at the unseen other end.  So together with the nifty bookshelves attached to the back of the pantry in the kitchen:
I think that 's a licence to go out and buy more books.  Stos will be thrilled!

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