Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 244: Don't fence me in

Following the landscaping efforts of the previous week, STLT permanent HQ has been a hive of activity.  The rain didn't cause any more delays and the concreters set to work on Tuesday, pouring first the footpath and the driveway cross over, followed by the drive and the front path on Wednesday.  We got to see them at work as we had to be at the house earl;y on Wednesday to meet with the painter and the fence guy to discuss colours for the house and options for the fence and gates,  While we were waiting around, we had a glimpse of the little community that operates in our absence.  First, someone walked down the street who Bob greeted, then a lady pulled up to speak to the concreters - both are people who live in the street or the immediate area that we have never met. Then there's the lady across the road who provides Bob with coffees and snacks.  We obviously need to be get out more and meet people beyond our immediate neighbours.  Anyway, we told the painters what we wanted and were then asked about ceilings and doors, with paint to be ordered that day.  Bob threw a a bit of a spanner in the works by suggesting that we might want to paint the interior doors a different shade of white to the walls, triggering an emergency call to P, an interior designer friend who has given us some assistance with colours before.  She quickly set us on the right track, confirming our initial thoughts and came up with a better suggestion for the ceilings.  The fence guy was great and had some really good suggestions for achieving what we want i.e. keeping unwanted people out and dogs in, automatic driveway gates and a lockable pedestrian gate.  So no problems there and we look forward to seeing his concepts put into action.

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