Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 230: Knights in White Satin

Bob's sister was visiting from Sydney last week so I suggested that she and any other interested family members might like to come over for a champagne tour of the house; the third in a week.  This was followed by dinner at a local Thai restaurant.  All were suitably impressed with Bob's handiwork and are looking forward to coming back on New Year's Eve to see the finished result.  I don't remember eating locally that frequently in all the times we have lived in the area.  The following day I had decided to have off thanks to a completely clear schedule for the Day Job.  Stos suggested that I meet the telco guy at the house who was to call and connect the telephone and internet in the afternoon.  However it wasn't that simple.  Telco guy asked me a number of questions in what I considered to be Martian so the solution was to call Sparkie Dave up, hand over the phone and let the two talk tech speak.  It appears that it is too early for the connection to be put in and telco guy needs a black (coaxial) cable to be pushed through through to the front of the house and full power must be available.  So the visit was not a good use of anyone's time.  Still, I checked out the nearly complete plaster, the completed ceiling in the kitchen/living area and the bath cradle. I also took a picture from across the kitchen looking out the windows to the city.  I can't wait to get back in there and have that view every day.

To finish off, I thought I'd convey a Bob story, as conveyed by his mother.  A neighbour, who we have never met, has been bringing Bob coffees and snacks while he has been working at the house over the last seven months and they have struck up a bit of a friendship.  She recently met a man through an internet dating website and was to met him at his home in a rural area for their second date.  As a precaution, Bob took the guy's car registration details and we believe also met him when he came to the lady's house.  What a sweetie!  I'm sure he would be embarrassed if he read this but it really reflects the kind of person he is - a great big caring softie.  I hope he finds a deserving lady of his own soon.

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