Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 247: Fade to grey

The garage door is finally on and the place looks sooooo much better.  Together with the charcoal paint on the fascias, there's finally some contrast to the pale grey of the walls and the silver of the roof and guttering.  I was hoping that the front door would have been painted in this round, but that will be done later, so we have to put up with the aqua protective coating for a bit longer.   I'm sure all the neighbours think we are colourblind. Today's job was to meet W, the tiler, to do a run through of the plan for the tiles and, importantly, to make sure that the tiles we ordered were the ones that turned up.  And they are - just as well, with Wes ready to start.  The jobs to be done today by Bob, Pete and W were to put in the waterproof membranes in the bathrooms, hang the vanities, and start on the tiling the floor in the small living area downstairs.  Very good for W as it is much cooler on the lower level.  When we dropped by tonight, all of these jobs had been done.  Even though they are still protected by bubblewrap, we can see that the vanites and the mixer taps look really good and will look even better once the white wall tiles are laid.  Bob has also made a start on the shelves in the linen press which looks like it will be a great storage area.  Bliss after years of inadequate cupboards .

I'm waiting for Bob to tell me that the garage door looks good, however as with the glass doors, I'm not holding my breath.  I'm sure he still thinks that the timber finish door was the go, but to his credit, this has not been mentioned since the door was ordered and eyebrows were raised when I said very firmly that the finish was to be Monument.

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