Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 195: We are the champions

The siren has just gone on the replayed AFL grand final and today's match ended with the right result; the mightly Pies won convincingly.  There was none of the tension of the last weeks final quarter; Collingwood lead by a comfortable margin at three quarter time and kept piling on the goals.  It's been a long twenty years since the last Grand Final win, and the Magpie Army are going to celebrate accordingly.  Grandpa was always sure that he would never live to see another premiership, so we were glad that he saw the 1990 win and I'm sure he's up there with Grandma,  pouring himself a beer from a long neck and making Grandma a shandy to toast his beloved team.

Again, I didn't see all of the game.  We had to make the most of Grand Final day being a good time to shop.  But I listened to the game on the radio again and got home to see most of the third and the final quarters.   First up was ordering the feature tiles for the second bathroom, below left:

Then we headed off to a second hand building supplier to buy the second hand doors on the right to use for the entrance to the lounge room.  Bob disapproves of this - he would prefer that we used new doors with contemporary translucent glass, but we are very keen to have something a bit different.  It's a bit risky introducing period elements into a contemporary house, but the pattern is very simple and we think it will work.  If not, we will hear about it!  Then on to buy the lock for the front door, then home to watch the footy.  Well, I did;  Chris sat and shelled peas.  Each to their own.

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