Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 217: Stairway to Heaven

What a lot can happen in a week!  We now have stairs, a fair bit of plaster, one plumbed-in water tank and they make such a difference.  The plaster transforms the rooms (Stos thinks they look bigger, I think smaller) and the using the stairs sure beats scampering up and down precariously positioned planks.  And finally the flashing and sealing of the the glass roof over the stairs is finished so we can look at the sky while climbing the stairs (maybe not advisable, given my track record for tripping over).  But aside from the developments at the block it was a miserable week; after several days of a rotten head cold, all the germs went south and I ended up with bronchitits.  Which I then managed to give to Stos.  The last of the cough is still lingering much to the concern of colleagues at the Day Job, but I'm nearly there.  We have gone from winter to summer and back again over the course of the week, which makes me think of the Melbourne of old, when you truly could get four seasons in one day.  Or one week.  However, we soldiered on and spent another busy Saturday running around; first to talk soft furnishings at a company recommended by L.  L is very impressed by this business and her recommendations are usually pretty sound.  So at 8.45am we walked in and at 9.30 we walked out, with most of the decisions made.  A very efficient use of time.  Then down to look at some more carpet where we had to do most of the work ourselves, but that was OK as you don't get the dizzying array of choices that you have with curtain and upholstery fabrics.  Next stop was to L & P's to borrow a trailer so that we could pick up the glass doors that have been stripped ready for installation.  Getting them loaded and transported back to the house was a bit nerve wracking but everything arrived in one piece.  On arrival, we noticed a ute out the front and the gate was open and deduced that someone was working there.  It turned out the be the plaster hangers, who despite unpromising appearances, turned out the be very nice and helpful, insisting that they help Stos unload the doors, then moving them downstairs for us.  But our arrival was timely as they needed a hand moving two long pieces of plaster through a doorway and into place on the lounge room wall.  So Stos has another string to his bow in terms of experience with the house. I'm not sure what they would have done if we hadn't arrived - tried the neighbours?

To finish - a culture tip for the week.  If you didn't see Rufus Wainwright last night at the Palais, I hope you were going tonight.  It was a fabulous show.  The tribute to his late mother was touching and I'm now keen to seek out some Kate and Anna McGarringle music.  What a gifted and talented family.

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