Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 189: Jungle boogie

Bob and the boys were busy last week.  Most of the windows are in as well as all of the doors.  The cladding has been finished, we can see the pipes for the hydronic heating and the ducted vacuum pipes have been installed.  The garage door has been ordered and the plasterer will be in this week or the next.  Hopefully the glass roof will be installed this week; it was booked in for last week but the glass was not ready.   The glass roof will go over this space here:

I should point out that we have not painted our front door aqua - this must be a protective coating that remains on until it is painted. The big pile of green in the picture of the back of the house (top left) are the weeds that we have been attacking.    There are still quite a lot to go!I cannot believe how they have completely taken over the back yard, although interestingly, some of the plants have fought back with a vengeance.  The winter rose looks better than it ever has and we found a spray in a pot of orchards that have never flowered since we bought them.  Obviously it liked being neglected and being buried under weeds.  We filled up our garden waste bin and that of a neighbour with some of last week's efforts but there is still a lot to get rid of, and we added to the pile this afternoon.  It was a good day's work in balmy conditions; spring has finally come to our neck of the woods and it was great to be out in the sun after a cold September to date  While we were at the house, we looked at the bench and cupboard samples for the kitchen and decided on our colours - cupboards in gloss white, with completely plain profiles, with a benchtop of white flecked with grey.  This will look cool and stylish when combined with a watery green glass splash back and contrast nicely with the centre support pole, which will merge into the island bench.  So there's another tick on the long list of decisions to be made - we should have also picked out laundry colours, but I think we've done enought for this weekend. 

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