Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 206: My Creative Space

I haven't joined in for a while; while the spirit is willing, a combination of long days at the Day Job, any other spare time spent on house related issues and a lack of space to be creative in are conspiring against me.  However, I have to do a quilt block for Esther as part of the MMQG inaugural block swap by the end of October, maybe sooner.  This is quite interesting because:
- I am a very average sewer
- I have only ever made two quilt blocks and these were very basic.  They were for charity projects and I suspect that no one would have had the heart to tell me that they weren't much good.

I think what is really paralysing me is the worry that I will muck this up.  But at least this afternoon I sketched out something that I think is simple, acheivable, yet meets Esther's guidelines.  I'll then (i.e. this weekend) make a block from scrap fabric (when I get the box it is in out from under the other boxes) and make the real one from these lovely fabrics.  If I don't have to put in an appearance at the Day Job.
For more creative spaces, head over here.

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  1. Hey....we all started quilting something really simple...the main thing is to enjoy yourself and do it!