Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 208: Winter

Did someone say it was spring?   Not judging by the weather yesterday or today.  The last time I saw a picture like this (snapped battling up the hill to the station on the way home from the Day Job yesterday) was in Wellington, New Zealand.  It's cold, wet, windy and, most importantly of all, it's stopping the glazier coming to seal our glass roof and finishing our windows.  The one bright spot was the water tanks were to be connected and we would benefit from the heavy rain.  But no; Pete turned up, announced that it was too wet and left.  So much for that. idea

However, despite the hideous weather, we've had a productive day:
- I picked up the feature tiles for the second bathroom;
- We found some carpet that we like. But this is our first real venture out so we will have more of a look next weekend.
- We found a light fitting for the "retreat" at Artemide in Carlton.  It's hand blown glass and will give out a rippling  pattern onto the walls.  We both loved it on sight.  Lights are now all ordered; another box ticked.
Artemide, Carlton

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