Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 206: You light up my life

Two posts in one.  This must be some sort of record. But now that daylight savings has kicked in, it's not quite as hard to get photos and updates on progress at STLT permanent HQ.  Stos decided to have today off and arranged to meet the Sailmaker to get things going.  We've discovered that it is very hot on the rear deck, even in spring, so getting the sails up before we move back next month is a bit more important than we thought.  I mentioned to Bob the other day that this meeting was to take place and he thought was a good idea. When I mentioned that the brackets for the sails needed to be attached in advance of the meeting, he thought it was an even better idea to have Stos help him put them up.  So a day off turned into a full one of being builder's assistant, picking up the glass doors, taking them to be stripped, ordering chrome rods for the art deco shades that will go in the downstairs bedrooms
then collecting me from the station to go an look at yet another shop (lights this time) that is only open Monday to Friday.  This particular exercise has been a bit of a trial.  I saw a light fitting in the showroom some time ago and had been thinking of using it in a group of three.  Then I was looking on the relevant website last week and noticed that the light was no longer there.  There's nothing like something disappearing to make you decide that you MUST have it.  It's a bit like an ex-boyfriend, who becomes of interest again when another girl hooks up with him.  Anyway, the last week or so, I've been trying to establish if these lights are still around.  But the company is re-locating, it has packed up its current showroom and everything is in boxes so you can't see by looking through the window.  I called and found out that the light is available, but all the display items have been packed up and the box would have to be found.  Box was found and I made an appointment to call this afternoon.  After all of this effort, I found out that the wattage is too low to be useful, even in a group of three.  So back to the drawing board on lighting for the retreat.

But on a brighter note, the culmination of the search for the perfect doorhandle was this, which I think looks fabulous.

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