Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 1 - lemon tree is safe

I have been trying to work out what has been Day 1 of this project. Was it when we decided that we wanted to work with Bob the Builder and create a new house rather than go down the rennovation path? Was it when we decided that the cost was acceptable, the plans were complete, the building permit granted or when we signed the contract? However, I nominate today when the old house was knocked down and things really started. It was a very strange feeling, walking down our street, knowing that the house that we have lived in for eight years would be gone. Not sad - we have no real emotional attachment to the house - but it is a very odd sensation to see a pile of rubble and twisted metal that was a solid and habitable house this morning. But the first thing was to make sure that the lemon tree was still standing - Stos had told me that it was and I was assured that the demolition team knew that there would be consequences if it was harmed, but I had to see it myself. And it is there - lush, green and loaded with unripe lemons. Now it has to survive the next nine months of building.

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