Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 2
Got home from the day job too late to see what has happened today, but Stos tells me that the block is almost cleared. There's a bit more to do and the driveway needs to be cleared. The back garden will stay as it is too hard to get in there without doing any damage. That's fine - the weeds can just grow uninterrupted until we can get in and clear it ourselves. Jobs done today were paying Pete the Plumber for disconnecting the dishwasher, airconditioning and hot water service (so that we can re-use them) and organise the temporary fencing to go up on Friday. I got a bit of a shock on ringing two companies to be told that I would have to wait a week and a half to two weeks for the fences to go up. What happened to the 24 hours notice that I was told about a month or so ago? It turns out that there has been a rush on fences, but when I rang the first company on my original list, they have a 24 hour guarantee and yes, they can put the fence up on Friday. Service staff were very helpful and courteous so if the installation goes well, I'll be happy to pass on the name of this company. Rang Bob the Builder to give an update on progress but he was out playing golf. Probably making the most of it before starting real work on Monday. I need to get to work on putting some photos up to start the "before" view.

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