Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 5

It was a very busy day yesterday so between staying behind at work for N's farewell drinks (sob!) and dashing out last night for a delicious dinner at Cafe Bedda (very tasty ricotta gnocchi al forno), there was no time to update the blog anyway. I spoke with Bob the Builder and he is ready to start doing clean up of the block in readiness for the slabs to be laid on Monday, provided that the demolition equipment is gone. Must call the demolition company to find out what is going on as the machine was supposed to have been removed. The temporary fence went up as planned and from the street we can see where the mark out is for the garage slab.
For something different, I've posted a picture of the cake I made for the workplace birthday and also the making of the ganache for the top. The latter is made up of cream, malted milk powder and melted chocolate. So wicked and I love the colour contrast between the caramel of the malted milk powder and the lushness of the dark chocolate. The cake went down a treat - max impact for min effort.

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