Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 362: That's what friends are for

The blog has been a bit neglected lately as the STLT team have been very busy - the Day Jobs have been hectic, Stos has been spending time in Canberra and we headed up to Sydney last weekend for some culture; the magnificent Entombed Warriors exhibition and the Annie Leibowitz photographic display.  And the baby elephants at Tooronga Park Zoo; touristy but very fabulous.  Sadly we were not able to see Auntie Jean but it was a great break overall.

Last night we had a dinner party here with some 6 old friends, most of their partners and a couple of the kids.  Nothing out of the ordinary about this but it has made me think about how lucky I am.  I have known all of these girls since at least my late teens and one has been a friend since I was 13.  We met playing hockey and even though I have not played for years, I still consider this group (aka "The Originals") some of my closest friends.  I don't see a lot of them, but when we do catch up, we just pick up where we left off and I know if I had a problem, I could turn to any of them at any time. I know people who have a lot more friends than I do and they seem to go through phases and culls of the people they hang around with.  But I like to think that each and every friend I have made over the years will be around for life, and to date, this has largely been true.  But of all the people in my life, I do consider this group of girls as very, very special.  These are the sort of people who you ask to dinner then bring everything, know which of their culinary repertoire you love the most and make it just for you, get one of their kids to make you another version of something that you admired in their home and leave you with delicious leftovers .  My kind of friends.

The picture above is of a dragon that Veteran's daughter made for me after I saw and loved one that she had created for her mother.  We have received some and thoughtful gifts on moving back to STLT HQ, but nothing bespoke, so this is very special.  Spookily, it is also the red of the front door, one of the sails and the fabulous chairs

As I was writing this, I was scoffing a large piece of custard cake that the Scone Queen made.  Just for me.

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