Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 347: Saturday Night

I looked at Kirty's post on "Snooping" and love the concept.  I think we all like to let our inner voyeur come come out to play from time to time.  It's like those articles that detail the contents of other people's handbags - utterly compelling.  In the same vein, here are the details of my Saturday night at home.  I have been sitting in my lovely new chair with matching ottoman and the following:

1/.  Armistead Maupin's latest installment in the "Tales of The City" series of novels;  "Mary Ann in Autumn".  I picked this up from the library today and am motoring through it.
2/.  A plate of buttermilk and blueberry pancakes courtesy of Stos.
3/.  A glass of Pino Grigio.
4/.  Two Dalmatians.  I am not flattering myself that they love me best because they are up in the living room with me rather than with Stos downstairs watching "Mission Impossible"; it is because their cushion and blanket haven't been moved.

It's lovely to have night in.

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