Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 369: Up the garden path

Commentary on house progress has been fairly light on over the last couple of weeks but lots of work has been done and we are sooooo close to stopping the formal countdown.  Electrical work is finished and we have been able to remove the nasty black cable connecting the television in the lounge room to the aerial in the kitchen that I was convinced I would fall over.  Wessie has finished the external tiling and we now have a path down the side of the house instead of slush.  All we need now is for the painters to come in and finish off the final coat in the garage, the external render and some bumps and dents.  Stos spent a couple of days clearing the garage and digging the mulch out from the external render.  So while there is a tiny bit to go, the improvements to date have been huge.  The garden is still a project in itself but we feel that we can take our time with that and now that our non-existent summer is officially over, that will be our next job.

Today was spend with a lovely bunch of girls that I know from the day job.  We drank bubbles and nice wine, indulged in some gossip and had a lot of fun.  A fabway to spend a sunny Autumn afternoon.

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