Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 329: Please Mr Postman

Is it pretentious to have a bespoke letterbox? I feel quite strange saying this but with the new fence, there was nothing off the shelf (well at least not at Bunnings) that worked for us. So we got an el cheapo, screwed it to the post as an interim measure and had a chat to the steel guy who was more than happy to come up with something that could be inserted in the structure of the fence. He also suggested making a house number to go on the box and we were going model this using the number plate retrieved from the old place until some low life pinched it from it's NAILED ON position on the front gate post!  I'm still trying to work out why anyone would want with an strange number like ours. Anyway, after searching around for suitable fonts, I came up with another design that worked for us.   This appealed as I have always written my sevens in the continental style.

The other major development last week was the installation of the side fences and gate.  They look good as well as keep the dogs in and the added bonus is that the place no longer looks like a prison camp.  The front gates have now been galvanised but I don't want to put up a picture of the front until the weeds are cleared next week.  So here's a shot of the south side fence including vicious guard dog.


  1. Yes, as I was walking up to the side of the house to take a picture, she came hurtling down from the deck and barked before she realised it was me.