Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 316: I want Candy

I wish I could say I agonised over the decision to buy these chairs and couch.  But I didn't.  The thought process was limited to:  I love them, I want them, what the hell.  So after two visits to the shop, a bit of research on comparative prices (not that you can buy these exact chairs anywhere else) they were delivered yesterday and I'm thrilled with how they fit in.  The couch is matched up with the Florence Broadhurst ottomans that I bought last year while we were homeless.  Just ignore the carpet off-cut on the floor.  Once we have put up some of our pictures, the mancave will be a really great space.
Someone pointed out that the colour is similar to that of the front door.  Spooky.  The various people who were in and out of the house yesterday (more on that tomorrow) liked them and even Bob seemed to approve.

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