Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 289: Always in the kitchen at parties

Happy New Year!  The interstate visitors have gone home and things are getting back to normal although Stos does not believe that the house does not feel like home yet; most likely because there is still a lot to be done.  While we are in and largely unpacked, the place is still a mess and I think it is going to take a while for things to find their permanent home.  I'm also finding that the chaos outside is annoying me more than I thought it would but there isn't much point in 1/.  doing too much when Bob and the team need to come back and finish off work outside and 2/. trying to establish any sort of garden during summer.  But at least all of the boxes, general builders rubble and empty cans of polyurethane have been disposed of.  Out the front, all that remains are the weeds and the construction site gate and side fences that we are using the keep the girls in.  At least Bob's landscaping efforts provide some interest.

I really should take a picture of the front of the house with the red front door now completed but I really don't want people to see the jungle of weeds out there.  So here's a picture of the fabulous screen that Ro Baby made for us that sits on the side of the fridge.  Unlike the packing box, set of steps and mess in the bookcase, it's a permanent feature.

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