Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 301: Devil Gate Drive

Well, Christmas is officially over.  Bob dropped around today to look through the list of things to be finished off and talk about when the team will be back on the job. Pete, Dave and the painters are all expected to put in an appearance shortly but a very welcome sight today was the Steel Guy, who brought our front gates with him.  He has never built gates like these before; driveway gates cleverly contain a pedestrian gate, so he wants to set them up and leave them for a week or so to make sure they work as designed.  Once he is satisfied, the gates will be removed and galvanised.  We also went through the design for the side gates again and they will be started in the next couple of days.  One interesting thing I learned is that before the galvanising process, the underlying steel is blue, or coated in blue.  Therefore they should be called Zoolander gates (very bad joke for people who have seen the movie).

The weekend was busy with jobs, one of which was to pull out the weeds at the front.  They'll be back before we know it so tonight I quickly took a picture of the front of the house to put up.  Hopefully this dusk photo shows off the best attributes of the house and makes it harder to see the things that need doing i.e. garden and  makeshift curtains, to name a few.  But the Zoolander gates stand out, even by twilight.


  1. Hello Andrea,
    this is Jess of Teddy Bears Wednesday.
    thank you so much for bidding ( twice) on Colin!
    Um I noticed you haven't leave an email address, so could possibly send it to me?
    That way I can contact you if you win him!!
    thanks again