Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 293: Skylark

There is a lot that I should have been doing today , but it's about time that we had a "down" day. So after a spot of shopping this morning, I retired to the deck with the iPad and my book and  achieved the following:

1/. Finished reading "Under the Sun; the letters of Bruce Chatwin".  The letters of a man (and author) who was constantly on the move.  He said of himself that he knew what he was fleeing but not what he was looking for.
2/. Watched "Party Down" on iView.  Promising - anything with Jane Lynch in it is worth a look, in my view.
3/. Read blogs on Google Reader.

As the weather was cool and overcast it probably wasn't the best day to sit outside but it is good to have a break from the day to day.  And the average day was compensated for by a sensational sunset as seen from the deck.  Washing the dishes isn't my idea of a good time but a view like this compensates for a lot.

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