Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 283: Leave the light on

Another day, another 8 hours of housework. 

In the joy of coming home, I had forgotten how awful unpacking is.  And combined with cleaning, it is even worse.  I am a firm believer of outsourcing housework (other than ironing; I don't mind doing that) and can live with doing it occasionally, but the current situation is like Groundhog Day for cleaners.  I am sweeping down and about to wash the floor that was swept down and cleaned three days ago because as we make our way through the house, we are stirring up dust and dirt in the uncleaned sections so by the time we get through once, it's time to start all over again.  However to cheer myself up, I put together my beautiful "Orchid" light made by local artist Marc Pascal.  Stos doesn't really like it and Bob will hate it (along with the beautiful "Lace" light) but I think it is gorgeous.

The other bright spot in coming home is our fabulous internet connection.  We are now back in the modern age of technology and the wireless access is here is great.  We have changed telcos and so far, so good.  The iPad is really coming into its own as a secondary device in the kitchen with the laptop in the study for serious stuff.

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