Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 309: Downunder

This Australia Day is very different to that of 2010.  One year ago we were packing the house up in readiness to move out.  Not a very relaxing way to spend a public holiday, but it had to be done.  This year is different - back home and gradually settling back into our space.  We did say that we wouldn't do any jobs today, but it seemed a bit indulgent to simply kick back.  Besides, Bob and Pete are putting in our heating panels tomorrow so we needed  to move furniture so that they can access the fittings.  It will be a relief to get these out of the garage and onto the walls (plus the others being delivered tomorrow):
The panels on the left are to go in the kitchen/living area and the chrome panel on the right will double as a towel rail in one of the bathrooms.  I'm not in a hurry for heating but I do want to get rid of the clotheshorse that is serving as a towel rail in the meantime!

We have a few people coming for dinner tonight so the new Smeg oven has been getting a workout.   For dessert, I have made a traditional American dish; sweet potato and bourbon pie (yes, I know, a pav would have been more appropriate today).  Sounds weird (to an Australian) but tastes great.  I went to a function last week where this was on the menu and I was really impressed.  As a result of my fascination with American desserts, the first job the next morning was to find a recipe in order to make it at the earliest possible opportunity.  The finished product isn't the most impressive looking thing I have made but it smells good so I hope it is just as nice to eat.  What did we do before we could look things up on the internet? 

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