Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 130: My Creative Space

My creative space has a few things on the go.  The things I'm most excited about are the work papers from the short interior design course I am doing with F and the basics of the debut quilt.  The course is quite a lot of fun; both F and I are taking a couple of hours leave from the Day Job each Tuesday for 3 weeks to attend.  Our unofficial name for the course is "The Graduate Diploma in Cushion Arranging", but we are both finding it interesting and useful.  For me, it is extremely relevant with all the activity on the building site and F is looking to convert her loungeroom into a more useful and attractive space.  We are learning about colour, lighting, design principles and are working on putting together a design board for use in a room for our houses.  It's fun to take a break from work for a few hours and do something creative.

On the quilt, I've finally sewn up the strip sets and yesterday set about cutting them into blocks.  However I've learned a few lessons about quilting measurements and maths.  The foot on my sewing maching is not 1/4 inch (I thought it was) and now my blocks are not square.  So I thought I would join them up and then trim them - this works OK on the first row, but the blocks are in a different order in the second row, so this won't work for all the squares.  So rather than trying to trim and work in seam allowances, I think I'll unpick them and sew them up again individually.  So my next job is to buy a 1/4 inch foot for the sewing machine along with more thread.  This is turning into an expensive hobby!  So much for the quick results of using strip sets, but it's really my own fault for not being absolutely sure about the measurements and a lesson in the need for precision in quilt making.

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  1. Take a ruler with you when you go to buy one. I've got two 1/4inch feet and it turns out that one isn't right causing problems. I hope the unsewing doesn't take too often, Abbe.