Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 123: My creative space

My creative space contains:

• One finished granny hex and one in progress for use in the construction of the granny shrug. There really is no excuse for why this is taking so long because once you get used to the large hook, it’s quite simple
• Fabric for my very first quilt. I cut up the strips last weekend to find that the fabric quantities must have been wrong; i.e. being able to cut 11 x 2.5 inch strips out of half a yard of fabric? Anyhow, I’ve had to get more fabric, so Stos came to the rescue and picked some more up for me tonight. So now I need to wash, trim and cut it up – I am really looking forward to putting this together.

• A cheat entry, as it's actually from a few weeks ago. I’ve put up a very bad picture (unfortunately the only one) of my contribution to the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild name badge swap. I didn’t want to show it until I was sure the recipient had it in her hands; as neither she nor I could attend the last sewing session, it was mailed out. When set the challenge of making a name badge incorporating patchwork and/or quilting, measuring no more than 9cm by 9cm, I was a bit stumped, but during a Pump class, I dreamed up the idea of quilting some cute Alexander Henry fabric and using some bling for the name (note to self – must need to increase weights if one has the time to think about sewing projects while exercising). I’m not sure if the execution was that great, but I thought it was cute and original. I hope Bec did too!

On the house front, we caught up with Bob last night. He’s working towards having us back in by mid November, which is music to our ears. However, we’ll plan on the end of November – while things have gone well to date, we do need to be realistic and allow for some delays. The roof will go on the front of the house next week, the hand rails for the deck and external stairs should be installed by the end of July and the window and door frames will be under construction shortly. And the missing garage door has been cut in – a minor victory. Our jobs this week are to look at the glass samples for the external doors and windows, talk to cousin-in-law G about smart wiring, look at kits for ducted vacuum cleaners and think about the colour for the hydronic heating panels. A lot to do this weekend but I really do want to start sewing up the quilt strip sets.

We also need to meet up with someone who I hope we can stay when we have to move out of the Landlady's place next month.  We are going to have a chat with her about how this might work, but my secret weapons are going to be R & K - as she loves corgis, I am going to take them with us to put her in a good frame of mind!  Seriously, she has said that we can stay, so I hope we can make it work to everyone's satisfaction as it would be a good solution for us.  And it will only be for 3 months (knock on wood).

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