Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 129: The Tin Lids

I have a couple of days leave owing to me so, having a clear diary, decided to stay home today.  How nice it was to get up at 7.45am, have a leisurely breakfast and set up for some work on the debut quilt.  However, more on that on Creative Space Thursday.  A day off isn't complete without a visit down the road to see what Bob is up to.  He and Pete are going great guns getting the roof on at the front of the house and this should be finished by the end of the week.  The handrails won't go in this week; Bob has to get some brackets made for the glass roof and porch so has told the Steel Man to hold off until he has this worked out.

The most significant progress this week has been settling on somewhere to live.  On Sunday we went to see K (aka Catwoman) to talk about moving in with her from late August.  We had a chat over a cuppa and a meringue and we think it will work well.  R & K had a ball, licking the cats' bowls, then trying to find the owners, who sensibly stayed out of the way.  We are relieved to get our living arrangements sorted out; while we did have options, we were keen to stay in the area and close to public transport and this fits the bill perfectly.  This house is about a kilometre from the building site and a six minute walk to the station (according to the sign in the park opposite).  And, importantly, we did not want to have to move again until our house is finished.  So we are very happy with that Catwoman has offered to share her home with us and look forward to some new experiences over the next few months.

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