Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 137: Sumer Love Sensation

From Cool Cats Blog

I read somewhere that you can tell a lot about a person from the playlist on their iPod.  I only have one playlist per se which is my Running Music.  If you are defined by what is on your playlist, I am in deep trouble. If anyone knew what was on this list, I would lose any illusion of sophistication or culture that I may have.  Because to make my running music playlist, a song needs to have the following characteristics:

- it must be something that I can sing to, if only in my head
- loud guitar riffs are good
- Glam rock is most welcome and I think my running music playlist is overweight in this genre
- I find music from  the early to mid 1970's strangely compelling.

The above traits are necessary to keep me from thinking about how boring I find running.  So why run?  Well, I like to have a goal and I have been training for the City to Surf, the iconic Sydney 14 km run that starts at Hyde Park in the CBD and finishes at Bondi.  So the playlist has been getting a workout lately.
I have done this run a few times but this year is special because I missed last year's event. because of the reco  F and I are heading off the Sydney on Saturday and will do the run with S on Sunday.  But back to the music.  Courtesy of Stos, we have a large music library.  Some of the taste displayed in the collection is questionable.  However, this gives me a huge choice when it comes to picking daggy music for the Running Music playlist.  The list is pretty stable but earlier in the year, I discovered that we had a Best of Bay City Rollers CD (or something similar).  I added a couple of tracks and am now totally loving Summer Love Sensation.  All of a sudden, I am again 12 years old, sitting in the loungeroom of the old house watching Shang-a-Lang (the Bay City Rollers television show) with L.  Maybe I was a bit older as I seem to recall spilling Happy Blue Cutex Nailpolish on the carpet while watching those spunks strut their stuff.  I was in love with Eric (second from the left above) while L had a thing for Derek (far left).  I remember seeing older girls wearing Roller Strollers and stripy socks like our idols, and wishing Mum would let us do the same.  Well, we all have our dirty little secrets.

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  1. Hope you had a good run, Andrea. LOVED reading this entry...ahhhh.... the Bay City Rollers. Yes, it takes me back. As I recall, at the time, one seemed to liked one of 3 bands: The BCRs, Sherbet or Skyhooks. I was definitely a Sherbet fan, off to Festival several times to see them, standing in front of the speakers right up at the stage (reckon that's contributed to my hearing deficit now!). However, I did make a switch to Skyhooks when I was in grade 6 in a desperate effort to attract the attention of a boy I liked. How sad, really. I remember feeling like I was selling my soul!! Ah, the things girls did :-) Carla